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Student Art
February - 2011

March - 2011
Upstairs Art student recent art works.

Rodney Swansborough's
Self Portrait in oil pastels
Ancient of Days - Series
"Ancient of Days"Circus Parade
'Ancient of Days - Coal Mining'
Ancient of Days - The Cyclist
Ancient of Days - On the Sheep's Back
Portraiture - Tim Murray
Searing Synergy- Finalist










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Upstairs Art specialises in a unique artistic style and teaching method known as the "chiaroscuro method".

This style is based on the insights of the old masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Galileo who took the ancient principles of light, reflection and shadows and created amazing three-dimensional tonal compositions.

Rodney Swansborough is renowned for his knowledge and skill in producing "chiaroscuro art", especially in the area where this style is supremely suitable - his portraiture and nudes.
He has receieved critical acclaim on the subtle tonal effects and the three-dimensional quality of his compositions.
Rodney is also well known for his pastel impressionism.



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Upstairs Art conducts weekly art classes - both mornings and evenings - where students are able to learn using the "chiaroscuro method" or they can nominate any medium to create their own art work. Many students are studying and developing "chiaroscuro portraiture". Click HERE for examples of portraiture development .

Rodney Swansborough has recently undertaken a portrait of the famous aviator Peter Norvill who flew solo around the world in single engine plane.

Upstairs Art provides a fully equipped studio where students at any skill level can have access to these excellent facilities.
The Upstairs Art Annual Students Awards and Exhibition is held every December with over 100 works being displayed by the students.
Click HERE to understand the therapeutic nature of art.
Information on the King of the Ranges Stockman's Challenge Murrurundi is available here.

Rodney Swansborough regularly conducts workshops throughout the region - at Tamworth Regional Art Gallery - Ace Community Colleges - Upper Hunter Libraries.
Upstairs Art also conducts children's workshops and children's weekly art lessons.

All enquiries can be made via the online contact form or the mobile number.
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Recent works by Rodney Swansborough - "Cusped Hands" (1) and (2) - Acrylic on Canvas; "Blue Flowers" - Pastel and Board









Love and Limerence - Aspects of Romantic Love