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Andrena Smith has a down to earth approach to her pottery and wire sculptures. Her inspiration comes from everyday life as a grazier at Nyngan in Central Western New South Wales, where the space, hues and textures of the Australian bush inspire the fluid shapes and glazes in her works.
Andrena is resourceful - using whatever material is available - most of it is recycled!
Her readiness to experiment with other mediums provides another dimension to her works. Mediums include old fencing wire, electrical wire, corrugated iron, stainless steel, woven mesh and clay.
Andrena's works have been exhibited as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival in the Newland Gallery at Port Adelaide. She also exhibits in her garden and surrounding bushland, which has become and outdoor gallery for the display of her works.

Address: 71 Mayne Street (New England Highway)
Murrurundi - New South Wales 2338

Mobile: 042 777 57 07





Pottery and Sculptures
Andrena Smith and Roshelle McKillop

On view at
Glenalvon Garden - Murrurundi
8th & 9th November 2008
9.00am to 5.00pm













Roshelle McKillop is a self taught sculptor, living on a grazing property in Central Western New South Wales.
Rochelle is inspired by her natural surroundings and love of animals - using a combination of rusty wire, netting, pottery and steel.
She creates life like dancing Brolgas, Ibis, Possums peeping out of logs, Echidnas, Sheep and many more.