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Art Students have been developing their skills in life drawings. Here are examples of their use of tonal qualities to develop three dimensional attributes.
Muswellbrook - New South Wales
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This sudent has overstated the use of light. The white areas are too dominant and uniform. The intensity of light varies and so strong areas of light need to be contasted with less intense areas of light. Shadowed areas are based on the same principles.
This tonal work is subtle and captures the texture of the back with intricate shadows and well placed light and graduated contrasts.
This sketch accentuates very strongly the shadows on the back, but needs to develop graduated subtleties between light and shadows so not to over-emphasise the conrasts.
This student has overplayed both the light and dark areas which exaggerates the muscular structure. The student needs to identify the deep shadow and strong light areas and then ensure that the tonal qualities are reflected in the colouring gradations in other areas.